Se full versjon : Toll roads in Norway

Harald Hansen
21-06-2010, 09:31

There are around 50 tolls roads in Norway, with prices from normally around NOK 15-30 to several hundred for cars (< 3.5 metric tonnes). Some are manual, many have an automatic lane as well as a manual lane, and some are fully automatic. Here is the one on E18 near Larvik, which is fully automatic:


Manual ones are easy: Just drive up to the window or coin collector and pay whatever the fee is. Cash or card.

If you are reading this, you are probably planning a trip to Norway, or already are in-country, with a foreign-registred vehicle. Then there are several options:

First option: You can register your vehicle and credit card online here (http://www.visitnorway.com/en/Articles/Corporate-articles/Before-you-go/Toll-roads-and-AutoPass-in-Norway/), up to two weeks after your first pass.

Second option: You can blow through the AutoPass-lane and hope that your foreign registration makes you untraceable. Don't do this! The toll road people have a London-based collection agency to pursue foreign vehicles, and they are able to trace at least all European registrations.

Third option: You can pay cash at one of several service points in Norway marked with "KR-service", usually a nearby petrol station.

There are also different kinds of toll systems on private roads. Quite a few of these are run on an honour system: There is a a signpost at the start of the road with a sign saying "Bomveg", and a mailbox below. You usually fill in a small form, put some money in an envelope and drop it in the mailbox. The main challenge for foreigners here is that the signage is usually in Norwegian.

Some private roads are so heavily travelled that a more elaborate system has been put in place. These are usually signposted in English and maybe German as well, as they are close to popular tourist destinations.

22-01-2012, 19:21
siste telling var vel rundt 130 en nedgang fra 180 tror jeg

23-02-2012, 20:05
Vi har egentlig ikke så mye å klage over.

Etter å ha vært i Valdres skal det bli godt å komme tilbake til E-6 med 15 kr -20 kr her og der....

Prøvde å kjøre litt rundt her oppe for å se meg litt rundt, men bomvelde var jo helt sykt. Jada, jeg skjønner det er veier som skal brøytes til hyttene, men 40-60 kr pr passering er litt drøyt synes jeg, sitt også med en følelse at disse "postkassene" man legger penger i burde lakkeres svart, så de står i stil til pengene som legges der.....